Elden Ring Outsells Call of Duty And Cyberpunk, Now Mainstream

The Tarnished delivers a caustic attack on an enemy.

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Recent NPD Figures reveal that FromSoftware’s latest grueling action RPG, Elden Ringfalls over literal titans as it sells more Call of Duty: Vanguardchallenges Cyberpunk 2077and if Highlights of Paul Tassi from Forbeshas up to “half the lifetime sales of the whole” dark souls trilogy” as he leaves his siblings FromSoft bloodborne and sekiro in the digital dust. With 13.4 million copies of Elden Ring now shipped, as per Bandai Namco’s Latest Financial Reportthe souls genre is no longer a niche.

As has been said elsewhere, the most recent Duty is not exactly a bull’s eye. The publisher has blamed the institution of the title if not compelling enough, but a weak campaign and the intense allegations and public attention to Activision Blizzard’s work environment should not be missing here. Although it’s not necessarily original to suggest that Duty usually has its wheels turning in the mud and offers largely the same experiences with each year’s entry, Elden Ring and the ascendancy of the Soulsborne genre is nothing short of incredible.

A portrait photo of acclaimed fantasy author George RR Martin

The presence of George RR Martin’s name in the game’s marketing may have played a part in its success.
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Even the sales figures of the complicated Cyberpunk 2077a game that had incredible dynamics (taking it to 13.7 million in the first few weeks alone before it all collapsed) is something to behold given the media frenzy that surrounded that title.

However, it’s not just the potential shortcomings of these massive games that make this situation so remarkable. a skinny Duty experience and the expected decrease of Cyberpunk 2077 sales should not distract from the remarkable success of FromSoftware’s latest release. The souls games, that Elden Ring is in anything but name, are a series that, quite frankly, until now has been mostly a niche micro-genre of incredibly difficult titles that appealed to a devoted fanbase. They were mainly the realm of that select group of people who were willing to put up with a lot of frustration to get through a game that makes little effort to hold your hand through quests or navigation.

Any game could have filled the space left open by Duty and cyberpunkso it begs the question: why specifically? Elden Ring† Maybe Elden Ring arrived at a time when enough people outside the usual fan base had become curious enough to see what all the buzz around souls games passed, if not before release, then definitely after word had spread about this game. Kotakuown review not only praised it for its own achievements, but also thought about where it is in the legacy of souls spell; it probably also helped that George RR Martin was attached to the project, a name with a fantasy genre legacy that many associate with impressive world-building and intriguing storylines. A legacy of beloved games with recognizable celebrity name can go a long way in building hype and interest.

There often seems to be a perpetual conversation in gaming rooms about the value of time and money in a video game. Word of mouth about this game does not imply that it could waste your time, nor that it wants to drain your wallet with a constantly changing market of microtransactions. It’s a huge (mostly) single player adventure – not a bad way to spend $60. It may end up being too hard for some, but deciding that a game isn’t for you is very different from feeling like a game is trying to take advantage of you.

Elden Ring also goes against the trends we see in so many open world games that players might get tired of: the maps full of waypoints and activities, the steady, predictable trickle of new skills, new story content, new gear. Elden Ring certainly has those things, but they are presented in a way that makes you feel like you are discovering them for yourself, rather than the game making an effort to make sure you are aware of every last place you can go and what you can do.

Torrent and the Tarnished leap across a chasm in the vast world of Elden Ring.

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Where some games can now feel like hollow, frictionless busy work, Elden Ring is more than happy to challenge players with a difficult, yet manageable gameplay and lots of secrets to find.

And although the difficulty of Elden Ring is very real, the game offers a different approach from the past souls titles. Elden RingThe gameplay loop encounters an open world in a way that allows it to be more than just a punishing march through brutal enemy forces. You have the space and time to get used to the game in a way that you arguably didn’t have dark souls† So, while the game is difficult, a conversation around it has come so many times with the caveat of: yes but you can explore a little more and get used to it. If you run into a wall in one area, there are often others that you can explore before returning, better prepared to take on the challenges that held you back before. Getting back to the topic of time and money, many may see incredible value in buying a full-priced video game that they can keep returning to, exploring, experimenting with different character builds and just trying to get better at it.

Elden Ring has consistently been in the top three of Steam’s best-selling games every week since February. viral word of mouth, impressive performance from streamers looking to take the challenge to the next level – it all comes together to love Elden Ring central to any gaming conversation right now, with sales figures showing that in dollars and units shipped.

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